Thursday, November 17, 2011

Something's up

Last night I got home rather late. Usually, I am very aware of my surroundings when I pull into my driveway - but the late hour, my aching muscles and tired brain rendered me completely unobservant.  I made a beeline for the door - and subsequently to bed. It had been a tough day.

Had I opened my eyes, I would have noticed some heavy equipment in the neighbor's yard - adjacent to our driveway. Today, in the light of day, and with 8 hours of sleep under my belt, I saw this:

(Notice - my neighbor has not raked HIS leaves, either!)

Bill had not said anything about the equipment when he came in last night (after me) either. Not that I would expect him to notice anything. He had been out to his "Men's Book Club" (read "eating and drinking with the boys club"). Curiously, the "book club" doesn't meet in a salon or a library or even a member's home. No, they meet in a drinking establishment. Last night it was "Mother's."

So... he did not notice this ORANGE behemoth in the neighbor's yard.

Nor did he notice this other piece of equipment located just beyond our garage:

OK, here's the funny part. 

This morning, after I had taken notice of the equipment and snapped these photos, I got into my car and started to pull out of the driveway. Just as I started to back out, Bill ambled out of the front door. He came over to my car, motioned for me to put down the window and said "good morning". We hadn't spoken yet since I had to be at an early morning meeting - I got ready silently so I wouldn't wake him. We chatted about logistics of the day and said good bye. I purposely watched him go back into the house.

Do you know he never even GLANCED at the heavy equipment next door?

I still can't figure him out. It'll be 25 years I've been married to this man (next week) and I cannot fathom how he couldn't notice!! If anyone out there wants to reply with a reason why these neighborhood intruders don't even REGISTER with Bill, please educate me.

I await your responses.


  1. I heard he was never any good in a sandbox as a child as well.

  2. Well, he could have noticed the equipment and decided to mull it over before he talked to you about it. That seems to be a "male brain" thing. Happy 25th. Anniversary!
    or.........he never saw it!