Thursday, January 13, 2011

Olive branch

I am currently enjoying the heady scent of lilies every time I walk upstairs. My cousins, Gary and Pat brought the most amazing bouquet of flowers to my mum's party on Saturday. They brought them from Toronto - across the border ( I didn't know you could do that!) -  and the bouquet has taken up residence on the landing. They are gorgeous and dramatic and I'm enjoying them thoroughly.

Cut flowers in winter seems very decadent to me; a special treat - an extravagance. And I love it when we have them in the  house.

My husband knows how much I love flowers and makes a habit of sending me flowers at work. The ladies at work tell me how lucky I am to have a husband who sends flowers. What many of them don't know is that invariably the flowers are his first attempt at an apology or at mending fences.

He knows absolutely nothing about flowers -couldn't tell a rose from an aster - but he listens to me when I talk about my preferences. So, when I get a bunch of cut wild flowers I know he's especially contrite - and he's given specific instructions to the florist.

And, the flowers work every time - they are the proverbial "olive branch". My icy heart melts and I break down and call him to tell him they have arrived.


  1. Hello Liz!
    I have just read your blog, while on a search, in the hope that I could pinch your olive branch for a design of my own, and hoping that it doesn't have a copyright?
    In the meantime...I was just thinking recently that my husband only ever buys me flowers for Valentines Day and my Birthday and was inwardly grumbling about it. However, having read you story I am realizing that maybe I am just lucky, because my husband has nothing to feel guilty about ( well in his mind, which is fairly tidy)
    I adore flowers and have to buy my own, but I shall settle for that!

    Best wishes ( oh & can I use the olive branch? )
    Sarah from The UK.x

  2. Dear Sarah. It appears to me that purchasing really lovely flowers in the UK is a bit more commonplace than in the US. .... At least from what I see on Coronation street :)
    My relatives in Scotland are fantastic gardeners and bring cut flowers to the table often. I envy their ability to bring flowers home so easily.
    As for the olive branch, I pinched it from another site. So I'm not exactly the right person to ask about copyrighting.
    Cheers, Liz

  3. Dear Liz, I used your image of the olive branch as a tattoo in memory of my daughter, Olivia. She died this September after a car accident at the age of seventeen. Her name means "olive tree" and she had a sweet, gentle spirit. You can find out more about her through her facebook blog "praying for Olivia". Blessings to you, Lisa Mills