Monday, January 17, 2011

Traveling incognito

It happened again today.

I was working out at the gym when I saw someone I have been introduced to at least a half a dozen times. We have had conversations (although brief), been at the same social functions, have mutual friends - you get the idea. Anyway, I recognized  the guy  - knew his name, the connections, the whole social fabric thing.  And, he had no FRICKING clue who I was. In fact, he looked right through me.

WHY? Why you ask.
I'll tell you why.
Because I wasn't with Bill.

There are so many people that I "know" only when I' m out with Bill.  You know the exchange:
Bill:  "And, you remember my wife, Liz"
Acquaintance:  "Oh yes, of course, how are you Lisa/Leslie/Lucy?" (insert approximation of name here). Granted he knows a lot more people than I do, has lived here much longer, is older ( had to say that) and goes to more 'things'  than I do.

But, REALLY? Am I that much of a non-entity? Can I not make enough of an impression? Or does Bill's presence simply eclipse mine? Come to think of it...

Sometimes when I'm out (without Bill) people will say : Savino...? Are you related to Bill? And I always say "no", because technically I'm not actually related. Sometimes I relent and tell them we're married and invariably they'll say "I'm sorry" or  "You must be a saint".  So, it's obvious that they know Bill. (sorry, honey)

I am sure that there are other spouses out there who get the same treatment: Not with the spouse? You are now officially incognito. There should be a way to take advantage of this,  I'm just not sure how. In the meantime, I'll ruminate on whether I should create a higher profile or relish the anonymity.

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