Saturday, January 1, 2011

My new blog

I recently met a lovely young woman who has been blogging for a while. She is a professional writer, so she's very good at it. She is also writing a book and likes to mention the subject of her book in her blog EVERY DAY. Although she writes about all manner of things, she always makes a reference to her book. She always makes me laugh and today she also INSPIRED me.
Ok, initially she just inspired me to clean out the refrigerator. I was still in my pajamas and had done exactly nothing and it was already 2:00 p.m. Granted last night was new year's eve and I was up late and groggy and I only had 1 cup of coffee, but really... 2:00? That's just plain lazy. Anyway my inspirational blogger wrote that she had played the piano, gone to church and cleaned out her refrigerator. And this woman COOKS! A LOT. So, there was a lot of sorting and cleaning of her fridge.
I jolted out of my stupor, changed into shitty clothes and emptied our almost empty fridge (we went to Florida for Christmas so we had tried to get it down ot nothing). It wasn't filthy (exactly) but it needed a good scrub down. It took me 90 minutes but it is now clean, organized and gleaming. It almost looks new.
While I was cleaning it I was thinking how much Bill (my husband) would appreciate it. He was, at that moment, at the grocery store. He does all the grocery shopping. I wasn't sure if he would notice it. He doesn't really notice things like that. But, I knew he would appreciate the organization of the 7 hot sauces (his) and the fact that I checked the dates on the indian sauces (I threw a bunch out) and that I consolidated some pickles.
Then it hit me. I will do this blog and I will always do a 'plug' for my husband. Just like Mary does a plug for the subject of her book. And I use the word "plug" because I don't want to wax on about how much I love him, but more about what a good guy he is and why i appreciate all that he does for me, for his family, for his clients.
So, Day 1 of my blog is my first plug for Bill. We've been married 24 years ... time enough for me to totally take him for granted. And I do a lot of the time. But, he does the grocery shopping every WEEK! And he cooks for me almost EVERY night. How did I get so lucky.


  1. Liz - love the new blog! Miss you guys - Happy New Year!

  2. He is a right royal gem, you deserve eachother but how lucky to
    have found eachother!