Thursday, January 20, 2011

Food, glorious food!

I just got home from a delightful evening with a bunch of women that I just adore. We ate at Wasabi ( one of my son's favorite place)  where we each tried a different dish and shared our plates. We had fun - as we always do when we get together. We're lucky to have a great sushi place so close to us.  I'm not sure people in Buffalo understand how spoiled we are with our unlimited access to all types of food. From our fabulous grocery stores to our varied restaurants - we have it all. I remember growing up in a small town in Ontario where we celebrated when  Mother's Pizza moved in on the main street. In those days, we thought we were very cosmopolitan.

One of the best things about traveling is being able to sample all the local food. When Bill and I travel we can't wait to find great places to eat. And we will try just about anything. In India we ate 'local' food for every meal - and our taste buds were assaulted - in a good way. We loved it. I still salivate when I think of pani puris. And we're lucky to have a few great Indian restaurants in Buffalo where we can get our fix for coriander and biryani. 
We got to visit a bunch of  great cities when we took our first (and only) cruise on the Mediterranean. We were determined to find great places to eat when we made port- and if we could find one close to an architectural treasure, Bill was in heaven. I can't tell you the number of great places we found  and how many calories we ingested. We took so many pictures of food that I always thought I'd put together an album that consisted only of meals we had devoured. I still may do it. But it's an insurmountable task - there are so many pictures.

When I look through those "food" pictures what always shines through is the joy and the love that we have for each other at these meals. We regularly have arguments while traveling especially about what kind of food we'll eat and which restaurant we'll visit. We are all opinionated. Although we are on 'vacation' there is always a certain amount of uncertainty, unfamiliar stressors and, of course, a huge change to routine ... so we fight. 

Bill and Will in Barcelona

But at meal time - it all gels. We are once again together as a family - sharing our day, sharing our food and creating a memory. 

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