Friday, January 14, 2011

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

If you had to pick which one of us was more environmentally conscious, most people would vote for me over Bill.  Largely, because I actually LIKE the outdoors (canoeing, camping, gardening, swimming, etc.) and Bill will think of every excuse to avoid staying in cottage country for the weekend. He is always threatening to form his own 501(c)(3) (that's a "not-for-profit") corporation which he has already affectionately  dubbed "The Pave the Planet Foundation".  He laments that he is not comfortable unless pavement is close at hand and he has the ability to get in his car and drive. He believes that if the planet were paved, the world would be easier to navigate and pesky on/off ramps would be unnecessary. 

Coupled with this desire for more pavement, is an unholy fascination with cement and the making of concrete. He had a "lucky" encounter with a concrete wizard while flying from California many years ago who regaled him with the science of concrete for the entire 6 hour flight. He still quotes the man! I won't even begin to tell you his fascination with other building materials and struts and vaulted ceilings. That's for another evening.

And don't get me started on NYPIRG. When they start their door-to-door campaign in the summer he is fit to be tied:  He'll answer the door, turn on his heel and shout over his shoulder: "You want my wife, not me .... Liz, your FRIENDS are here".

However, those who know Bill know that he is complicated at best.  So, despite this crazed interest in pavement and concrete and all things man-made, and his apparent distrust of environmental organizations,  he will be the first to sort through the recycle bins to pull out non-recyclable material. I was reprimanded last night for tossing an envelope that had a plastic see-through window.

He'll peer into the garbage looking for the rare yogurt container that didn't get rinsed and properly sorted into the blue box.

He reuses the cardboard sleeves that Donny Gilbert (here's a shout out to Corvette Cleaners - best Dry Cleaners in Buffalo) puts into his boxed shirts. He uses them to write out his weekly grocery list and lately, he's been using them to leave me notes in the bathroom:
LIZ: Didn't sleep well. Don't wake me. (translation : keep the Today Show volume to a minimum).
LIZ: Can't find my (fill in the blank). Did you take it? Where is it?.
LIZ: Don't forget to order my Rx from the online pharmacist.  

So, DOES he actually care about the environment?  "Care" might be too strong a word. But, there is something going on. I just haven't figured out what it is.  Maybe I will in the next 25 years.

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