Monday, April 11, 2011

How old would you be, if you did not know how old you was?*

A funny thing happened to me when I turned 50 and it was completely the opposite of what I thought would occur.

Initially, I ran away on my birthday because I didn't want to have a big party. I figured, if I had a party, people who came would always be able to figure out how old I was...

"Hmmm, remember that party that we went to when Liz turned 50 - that's was 2010,  right? Well,  that means she must be almost 68 now - she looks like hell for her age." That's what I was avoiding.

Except, now I'm happy to announce to all and sundry that I'm 50. I don't know what's taken over my brain. But, I'm telling everyone I run into. Even people who don't care: the checkout lady at Stein Mart; the Tim Horton's coffee guy at the window; everyone at work knows, for heaven sakes - I've been doing the Sally O'Malley kick, and stretch and kick routine for months in the office halls.

My mother was talking about me and Bill to one of her pals the other day and she referred to us as "the kids". I love it when she does that. However, I was quick to point out to my mother's friend that I was FIFTY! The woman didn't even blink.

I think I continue to do this announcement because I'm STILL waiting for someone to say, my GOD! You don't LOOK fifty. That hasn't happened yet.  I thought that my mother's 80 year old friend might say SOMETHING! Not even close.  She just commented that I could hardly be referred to as a kid!


I think part of the problem is that I'm still in a state of shock. I really can't believe that I made it to 50 - when my brain keeps telling me that I'm still a kid. My friend, Bruce always tells me that he still thinks of me as a 25 year old - the age I was when he met me. He's very kind and I like the fact that he has allowed time to stand still for me. He looks past the gray hair, the few extra pounds (OK, more than a few) and the wrinkles. He's what I call a GOOD friend. I'm lucky, too that Bill is older and will always think of me as his younger wife. Maybe that's why I don't mind telling others how old I am... because the only one who matters, thinks of me as his 'young bride'.

*quotation from Satchel Paige

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