Friday, April 1, 2011

Google maps

I had to send maps to my poker pals so they wouldn't get lost coming to my house. (By the way, dinner was excellent and the ladies were very  happy with Bill's menu.) Anyway, I decided to go to google maps to cut and paste some directions. While I was there,  I took the time to open up the "street view". If you haven't done this for your house, you should. You'll find a 3D photo of your street and you can navigate all through your neighborhood. When I clicked on my address I was delighted to see a 3 year old picture. You might wonder how I knew it was 3 years old. I knew because my old VW bug was parked in front of the house.

I could tell so much from this picture. First, it was taken on Monday morning. How do I know that? Because the garbage can and recycle bins are out on the curb. Second, it was taken in mid summer (foliage and garden progression). Third, the cleaning lady was there (her car is parked further down the street) so it was morning. And fourth, it was taken in July or August  because the car is parked a good 2 feet from the curb.  My mother lives with us in July and August and she drives my car when she is here. The parking job was done by my mum: she likes to leave ample space between the curb and the passenger door. 

Anyway, I stared as this picture for quite some time. I really MISS my creamy yellow VW bug. I think the technical color was "harvest moon beige". It was my favorite car of all time. And I don't care about cars AT ALL. But, this car ...this car had something about it. My Ganesha charm fit so nicely on the dash. I felt safe and secure knowing that Lord Ganesh, remover of all obstacles had his eye on me.

My mother, was a little taken aback by this " icon" sitting on the dash. But, she accepted Lord Ganesh and felt that the car fitted her to a 't'.  Truthfully, it suited my mother much better than me. It used to make me mad that SHE would get compliments when she drove it. No one ever made a remark to me. I must admit she did look adorable in it! She's tiny and cute, just like the bug, and her hair color matched the car!

In the end, though, it was an impractical car because it really couldn't haul much and if you had more than 2 passengers, it was kind of uncomfortable. But, for the three years I leased it I truly looked forward to driving it every day.  I still drive a VW - but not a bug. When my lease is up next year- I may lease another bug. But, this time I'm going to lease one that matches my hair color - whatever color it happens to be.

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