Thursday, March 31, 2011

Give Thanks

I've always said that I wouldn't let my work life define me - that my real life begins after five. That's not entirely true. And, although I try to make a distinction, work life does spill into real life.

With the ability to get voicemails forwarded and emails shunted to my iPhone, my work life technically never ends.  The computer in my kitchen is always 'on'. I check my work calendar before I leave for work. I check in when I get home for any west coast emails that arrived after my 'quitting time'. To me, it's not a hardship to do this. It makes me feel better - I'm caught up and I like to be responsive. And, the people I work with know that they can contact me when necessary. 

This is not me!
I'm not this good looking, and
I already said I wash my face before bed

Because I use my iPhone as an alarm clock, I always give my email a last check before I go to sleep (and, of course, I do a quick check of the last moves in any scrabble game). It's one more 'to do' in my list of bedtime rituals.

So... wash and moisturize face. Check. Brush teeth. Check. Email, Scrabble, Set Alarm, Check. Check. Check.  Then, I always say a 'thank you' as I snuggle under my covers. My life with Bill has been so full of good luck and fortune that I am keenly aware of our happy circumstances. I am grateful that I have a warm and comfortable place to lay my head. Maybe it's because my bed is so comfortable (and I don't have that mattress pad with the electric force fields to worry about any more) that I always think these thoughts before I go to sleep. I often wonder why I am so fortunate while the vortex swirls around the rest of the world and so many of my friends and work associates are affected.

Tonight, I will give thanks again.

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