Thursday, March 24, 2011

Purse Party

Tonight, my friend Nancy and I attended a fund raiser for Everywoman Opportunity Center Inc.   It was held at Salvatore's Italian Gardens. Attending any event at this facility is always a treat. Tonight Salvatore's was vomiting Easter decorations. It was INSANE.

The fund raiser had a  wonderful theme: HANDBAGS. They had a ton of them - used, new,celebrity owned. It was a terrific affair.

They also had free drink coupons. We were given two each. Nancy and I looked over all the purses and had a couple of hors d'oeuvres and  a drink. Then we sat outside the entrance and gave exit interviews to the early departers. As they put their coats on we asked if they had used their their free drink coupons....
Long story short : I drank too much and  walked away with two purses that I had bid on at the height of my inebriation. 

Everywoman Opportunity lived up to its name: It was  totally opportunistic. Women + booze + cute purses= too much money spent.
I'm not unhappy.

The best part? Bill cooked for himself and had enough for me when I returned. His chicken and rice soaked up the gin that had taken up residence in my gut and that had influenced my decision to outbid another lawyer on a super cute Marc Jacobs bag.

I call this a win/win/win situation.

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