Sunday, March 20, 2011

Does she or doesn't she?

As a brunette, I'm facing a big decision: at what age do I let my hair go gray. I've been coloring my hair since my early 30s. I started going gray before I was twenty. I played around with a blondish color for a while, but it really wasn't me.

Now, at FIFTY, I'm considering my options. But, I'm perplexed about how to do it. Do I just stop the dyeing process and let it grow out? (Ugh!). Do I cut it really short and then let it grow out? (Double ugh!) Do I start to lighten it now - gradually? (Sounds expensive and time consuming). Do I allow one streak at a time like Cruella de Vil and Stacy London of What not to Wear until the whole head is done?

My hairdresser figures I'm about 75% gray. But, he can't tell me if the gray is that lovely color that some women are blessed with ( you know those women who look so smart and chic)  or that gravel color that makes you look like you're a great grandmother. 

I think I need to face the music. Besides, years of Preference by L'oreal has probably accelerated my memory loss or decreased my IQ significantly. How can it NOT affect you?  I cringe every time the concoction is mixed and allowed to seep into my scalp pores.

I thought about wigs. My mother successfully made the switch to wigs when she was young - so her transition was simple. But, she was not "blessed" with the huge forehead that I have. Wigs just don't seem to fit on my head the way they are supposed to.  I LOOK like I'm wearing a wig.

Right now, my long term plan is to suffer through a transition while I'm on an extended vacation - someplace where I don't know anyone and will not care. An  extended vacation (aka retirement) won't be anytime soon - unless it is forced retirement - if you know what I mean.

Bill will not retire. Recently, when we were visiting our financial advisor, she asked Bill about some of his long range goals. Obviously, she asked him at what age he would like to retire. He answered, very emphatically : NEVER!! Why would I retire? I love what I do and I don't intend to slow down".


Jessica turned to me and asked me the same question. I looked at her and did some calculations:  "Maybe another 5 years". Truthfully, I said that as a test for Bill. Let's just say I was glad that there was a table between us. I thought he was going to blow a gasket. FIVE YEARS? Are you F'ing KIDDING??
Yes, I'm kidding. ... sort of.

I'm just not sure if my hair can wait that long.

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