Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tonight's Gonna Be A Good Night

When I started this blog, I was determined to write something everyday. One of the reasons I decided to write the blog was because I feared I was becoming lazy. Then, I missed a day in January and I created a new rule: I will allow myself one day off a month. That was reasonable... right?

Then April hit - and I went on holiday and got a bit cavalier with the days off. As of today,  I should have at least 25 posts for the month of April (if I'd taken my one day off a month). However, I only have 19. Eek! The sloth has begun.

During the month of April, a couple of my friends from Canada told me they were going into blog withdrawal because they weren't getting their daily 'fix' (right Sue? right Yvonne?) 

My problem is that I write at night, after work, when I'm spent. It's a fine line between being (a) relaxed enough to write and (b) too relaxed to write.

Tonight, I came home early because I had to prepare for my colonoscopy tomorrow.  So, I figured I'd have more time to get the blog written. However, the drinking of the fluids has begun and it's time consuming. I had to get a start on it by 4:00 and I wasn't certain how soon the concoction would kick in. It's now after 7:00 p.m. and I'm still waiting and drinking.

But, I promise that before the hockey game and in between drinking the potion I will fix my friends withdrawal.

I must say, the instructions from the Colonoscopy center are very clear and very helpful. I like that. And the Administrator used the yellow highlighter liberally. (Note to office workers : It is Administrative Assistant's Day tomorrow - don't arrive empty handed).   I've been carrying the instructions around in  my purse for the last 3 weeks so I wouldn't forget to pick up the prescription and the Gatorade. What I DID forget was that on the day before the procedure, I wasn't to EAT ANYTHING. Just liquids - and nothing red. I went to work empty handed - no delicious care packages by Bill -  just a bottle of water and a can of ginger ale.

Oops. They warned against carbonated beverages.

So, I ran out to the nearby Walgreen's to purchase some juices and look for Popsicles.  No Popsicles other than strawberry. They are RED.

I then left Walgreen's and hoofed it over to the Elmwood Deli. Now, the Elmwood Deli occupies a part of the block that I used to frequent at lunch. A lot. The Sandwich Nazi made the best sandwiches for years at X-cel. I loved going there for his crazy hand-written signs and off beat sense of humor. His eggplant sandwiches were to die for! And, coincidentally we hired his daughter to work at my place of business just as he made the decision to pull out of Elmwood. Weird, eh?

Wednesdays were eggplant day - and I rarely missed lining up for that.

OK, now I'm hungry!

Anyway, the Elmwood Deli didn't have any Popsicles either, so I bought a 1/2 gallon of Lemon ice. Which I shared with the half Italian/half Irish maintenance guy at work who is also a published author.  He has a fine palate. We didn't finish the whole thing - we put it away in the freezer - to be eaten another day.

If you can read the instructions I've posted - you will see that I am going to be ingesting 32 ounces of this gag-liquid at 2 a.m. That'll take a couple of hours. What a pleasant night I have to look forward to.

What was really hilarious was that as I was driving home, I got bored with 88.7 (NPR) and 99.1 (JazzFM) and turned to CHUMFM. They were playing the Black Eyed Peas "I gotta feeling" (Tonight's gonna be a good night). I listened to the whole thing as I imagined myself making a small bed for myself in the bath tub tonight.


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  1. I love it when people bring up this subject because then I can brag again about how I refused the anesthetic. I think I once discussed this with you at dinner.