Sunday, April 17, 2011

Hot and cold

OK... WHAT???

It SNOWED today! It's April 17th for crying out loud.

Yesterday, my pal Nancy and I had a pedicure. I wore FLIP FLOPS to the salon. After all, it's the middle of April. I had just returned from Florida so the flip flops were readily available, and I thought they might be handy in the rain.
When we got to the salon, Nancy chose vibrant pink for her toes - a sure sign that she was ready for the season.  I chose a brownish red ( maybe I jinxed us by choosing a winter color?)

And, last night I wore short, sleeveless cocktail dress to a function we attended  - the better to suffer hot flashes in.

What a difference a day makes.

I started off this day with purpose. I woke up early knowing that Bill was going to the grocery store. The fridge was pretty empty - so it was a good time to clean it out. It hasn't seen a good cleaning since January 1, when I was inspired to begin this blog. That's probably a confession that shouldn't be published. But, not knowing the proper amount of time that should elapse between fridge cleanings, I'll chance it.

As Bill left for the grocery store this morning he asked me to come outside. He said he had seen a snow flake. I didn't see any and thought he was a bit loopy. It didn't seem cold enough for snow.

But, then it started in earnest.

This afternoon I pulled on boots ( don't worry - my pedicure had sufficiently dried)  to go outside so I could clean up the recyclable materials that had blown out of the blue boxes. I think the wind speed got up to 55 mph today, too. And, a winter coat! I had on a winter coat. OMIGOD --and gloves. I used my brother's fishing net to retrieve a plastic milk bottle out of the fish pond. But, I didn't see any fish. I hope that this constant flux in temperature hasn't killed the lone survivor. While I was in the garden I had to avert my eyes from the 'about to bloom' tulips and emerging hyacinths.

I know I should be thankful that houses on our street didn't blow away as they did in Bertie County, NC.... but COME ON!

To top it off, I think our thousand year old boiler may have given up the ghost. Despite my oiling the motor three times a year, I think it may be past its prime. The temperature upstairs hasn't moved from 63 degrees. I was in fleece and slippers all day .

Luckily it's laundry day. On Sundays I devote myself to laundry. That means a lot of running up and down stairs. The washer and dryer is in the basement. Our basement is a bit of a labyrinth, too - so there is a significant amount of walking, climbing and stooping involved in doing the laundry. I think of Sundays as my work out day so the lack of heat didn't really bother me.

Bill's cooking also warmed the house. I won't tantalize you with the meal - suffice it to say that I vacuumed my plate - it was superb! And the wine has flushed my face sufficiently so my core temperature is perfect.

I also still have 2 comforters on the bed. I think tonight we may turn in early. And try to forget that it's spring.

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