Friday, May 6, 2011

The (evil) iPad 2

Technology has a hold over me.

Last Saturday, yes LAST Saturday, I was strangely productive. I ran errands, gardened, cleaned parts of the house that don't usually get cleaned (for example the vent over the stove), did laundry, even ventured out to the Walden Galleria Mall - a place I abhor. I had convinced myself that I "needed" an iPad . My friend, Lisa had shown me her iPad last month and, ever since, I had the bug to buy one. She advised me to wait for the iPad 2 because it had the camera. So, I stood in line, talked to the (non-commissioned) sales guy and hooked up with my own iPad with a pink cover.

I've been playing with it ever since.

I had convinced myself that I could even blog on the go with it. Or even from bed! But, somehow the keyboard and the functionality has left me cold. I cannot blog successfully on it. I tried again last night and lost half my post. At 10:30 p.m. last night I thought - SCREW THIS. Back to my PC. Which meant I had to get out of bed. And, of course, I didn't.

Other than the blogging issue, the  iPad is incredibly cool. I can play scrabble without using my reading glasses and its mapping abilities saved our collective ass when we had to find a pharmacy in Albany. That's a long story.

But the best part is that no one has to buy me a mother's day gift. I bought it for myself. And, I'm delighted.

OK, so the real reason that I'm talking about all this is that the iPad has become a huge excuse for me skipping blogging for the past week. True, I did do some travelling last week. But, what occupied me in the evening was discovering the iPad's tricks. I totally neglected to write. Laziness and sloth had again settled in.
However, I think that I have now satisfied myself, the newness has worn off,  and I can go back to blogging at night.

So, please forgive me. Bill already has.

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  1. I have an Ipod touch, and of the state did not provide me with a Blackberry (crackberry) I would have an IPhone.

    If I have more money I would have an Ipod 2. Can you say I am obsessed with Apple stuff. Apple TV maybe, I watch movie trailers on Itunes.......

    OK I better stop:)