Sunday, May 8, 2011

To all the Mothers

Mother's day started very early for us today. About 4:00 this morning Emma woke us to tell us that her car window had been smashed and that the contents of her car had been stolen. She was really upset. Luckily, I was experiencing a hot flash at the time so had to get out of bed to strip off my clothes. We all stumbled down stairs and had a 'brew up' - chamomile tea.  And, we told each other stories of similar bad luck stories. By 5:00 a.m. we all felt better and went back to bed. Bill had the best hard luck story of us all. It involved having no money, some thievery, a junker of a car, a long trip to Indiana and a giant bottle of red wine vinegar. In comparison, Emma felt blessed.

I was still hot flashing, so once we got into bed Bill took advantage and snuggled up for a few minutes to get warm.

When I finally did start my day at 10:30 a.m. I decided to protein load - made some eggs and coffee and began my laundry and tidying day in earnest.  But, not before I called my own sweet mother in Florida. She regaled me with a few of her stories including the fact that she had purchased new phones from her favorite 'little person' at Radio Shack. She's developed a relationship with the sales guy there who she thinks is superb. She even called head office to tell them how helpful he is. She knows that she is a complete idiot when it comes to electronics, and he is always patient and sets her up with what she needs.

My Emma finally awoke after noon and I made her the same breakfast -even though it was Mother's Day, it was Emma that needed the mothering today.

Bill went grocery shopping for the week's food and for the Sunday sauce. It's a gift I ask for every year.  He and Emma are making dinner right now while I write this blog.

Will called from Massachusetts and sent a hilarious picture of himself studying. I've included it here. The caption "this is what you made - happy Mother's Day." He also indulged me with a request I've had all year: There is a live web cam at his school which is pointed at the same quad that he lives on. I've been asking him to go in front of the camera and wave to me all year. Because I'm such a sap, periodically I will look at the scene on the web cam just to feel a tiny bit closer to Will   - and to check the state of the tree blossoming and the weather conditions. So, today he came close to the camera and talked to me on the phone. It was cool. Thanks, Will.

Best of all, it didn't rain. The sun was out and I aired out some comforters. What a beautiful day in the north east.

I end this blog with the smell of red sauce, Dexter Gordon on the jazz station, Emma and Bill talking and drinking red wine. You can see in the corner of the picture a snippet of some lovely flowers that were delivered yesterday, too.

Life is good. Let's raise our glass. Here's to Mother's Day - however you spent it.

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