Thursday, May 19, 2011

Friends Forever

Facebook is responsible for my high school buddy turning up at my door last night!

My sweet pal from high school found me on Facebook and contacted me. As luck would have it, she was planning a trip and was flying out of the Buffalo airport.  A lot of Canadians use the Buffalo airport for its convenience to the border and its relative ease. Peggy and I instant messaged and emailed on Facebook -  then talked on the phone so we could plan the overnight stay.

When Peggy walked into the house it was like we were two magnets. I put my arms around her and squeezed and she did the same. We pulled apart just long enough to look at each others faces, breathed, smiled and hugged some more. OMIGOD! I had missed Peggy!!  We were cheerleaders together and chemistry lab partners. We stayed over at each others house and had an incredible bond. I even babysat her younger brother. She did a year abroad in Grade 13 and I was miserable without her! Then, we went to different universities and lost touch...

How could SO much time pass without a visit? We didn't figure the actual amount of time that had passed but, today I figured out it was THIRTY years. THIRTY YEARS!!  And, Peggy looked and acted exactly the same way she did THIRTY years ago. She does the same split -second thing with her face when she's telling a story and looking for a reaction from you: She looks at you intently, frowns a little and then opens her eyes wide. For those of you who know Peggy - you know exactly what I mean.

I haven't had the benefit of staying within the same area where I grew up. And, neither had Peggy. She had moved all over the globe - part of the reason why we had lost touch, I guess. I do envy those people who have maintained life long friendships. It just wasn't possible for me. But, I can attest to the fact that it is possible to pick up where you left off. Peggy and I are determined to stay in touch - we are the same people we were 30 years ago. Much better looking now, though! HA!

Anyway, Bill and the kids made it all happen. Will, the master guacamole maker, made a big batch for us while we sucked down beers and gabbed in the living room. Bill and Emma transformed the kitchen into a Mexican cantina and served up fajitas  - complete with home made black bean salsa. Even our surrogate son, Tommy, assisted with the dinner (and the clean up - THANKS Tommy) in order to give me and Peggy maximum time together - sitting as close together on the couch as we could so we could pour over my old yearbook. Peggy wrote a whole page and a half in my yearbook in 1977 and part of what she wrote was: Remember best friends leave, but they always return (don't forget). Smart girl at 16.

I couldn't find my stupid camera this morning. We had forgotten, in our reverie, to take pictures last night. So, Peggy fished out her camera from her luggage and Bill took a shot of us in the driveway (before I left for work.) I hope Peggy sends it to me - so I can do some side by side shots in another blog.
In the meantime, here's a shot of us from 1977:
Anyway, here's to old friendships. I hope you have a wonderful time in Las Vegas, Peggy! Hurry home so we can plan our next visit together.

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