Monday, May 16, 2011

Together again

Will and Emma are home for the summer and tonight marked the first night that we all ate together as our "four person" family. Because of our varying schedules it was easier for us if we ate out, so we all met at Wasabi.

Once we sat down the cacophony began. And Wasabi patrons aren't really all that boisterous  - so, we kind of stood out. Sapporos and Saki didn't help our high energy levels. I had to take a few deep breaths because, at times, I couldn't get a word in edgewise. We were all bursting with information and stories and no one wanted to come up for air.

Christmas dinner with my mother at the helm
I had a lot of questions to ask about schedules and work and logistical issues. I tried to be polite,  but it's sink or swim when it comes to holding  your own during dinner time conversations with the Savinos. If you don't insist on being heard, no one will inquire if you have something to say. Except if you're my mother  - she pulls rank and we defer to her. Let me tell you, she uses it to her advantage. Especially if she has a particularly good story or if she knows something that we don't know.  She's brutal when she has the upper hand. But, she wasn't there tonight and it was a free for all.

Breakfast in Santorini
Emma and I were so keyed up, that we actually ordered the wrong things. The waiter, who was very sweet and accommodating took my (wrong) appetizer back (no charge) and told me later that the kitchen staff devoured it. Emma ate her entree anyway because it was too much trouble and too embarrassing to explain that she had meant to order teriyaki but instead ordered 'tempura'. Kind of different.

Maybe by the end of the summer we will run out of things to say at dinner. But, for now, excitement reigns and it's fabulous to all be back together again.

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