Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Roll reversal

Something amazing happened at work today. There was no announcement about it - it just... appeared

As I've mentioned, I work in an old mansion on Delaware Avenue. It's a beautiful place to work. One of the perqs of the environment, is that the first floor ladies room is roomy and well appointed. There is a wide sink, a separate single toilet and a large mirror. You enter it through a small sitting area with a closet and another large mirror. It's not like the  usual institutional bathroom you might find in a regular office. It's a small sanctuary - more like a bathroom in your own home. And, because I've worked there for over 20 years, I do regard the place like my home.

Because of my feeling for the place, it drives me CRAZY when the women inhabitants miss the garbage can when they toss their towels out. How could they NOT see that they've missed. Just because we have someone on staff who is assigned to cleaning the bathroom is NO reason to behave badly.

But, what really gets me steamed is when the last person who uses the bathroom does not change the toilet roll. Granted, our dispensers are not like the kind you have at home. We have the type where you have to rip off the cardboard roll in order to expose the chrome bar that holds the roll. Once the cardboard is removed, all you have to do is to squeeze the lever, which then releases it from the sides, so you can easily insert the new roll. It's a couple of simple, SIMPLE steps.

If I go in there when the roll is not replaced, I want to scream. These are women I work with everyday. The same women (supposedly) who refuse to bend over to pick up their dropped hand towel. What is that about? Into a sanctuary, away from public view, you are magically granted permission to  act like a selfish pig?

Ask the ladies who work most closely with me. This is a pet peeve of mine. I have even taught the newer members of our staff how the whole squeeze mechanism works. That's how crazed I am about this situation.

But, today... hope was installed.

I entered the bathroom this morning and noticed a new mechanism. A double roll Georgia Pacific. I regarded this with absolute joy. I immediately thought my angst would be abated. But, my euphoria left quickly. True, it would take twice as long for the toilet paper to run out, but this new mechanism looked even trickier to refill.
So, I've decided something tonight. Since this is a new installation, I'm going to take this opportunity to (1) learn how to change the roll  and then (2) I'm going to post a 'how to' right above the dispenser. Tacky? Yes! But since this so new, maybe I'll be forgiven.

Then no one will have an excuse not to change the roll.

And, here's the kicker. At my own house, the guy who changes the roll and gets NUTS if there is only a little paper left on the roll - so the next person has to change it - is Bill. He has been known to get out his felt tip pen and write caustic remarks on the cardboard roll.

I guess its just another reason why we are so well suited.

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