Saturday, May 28, 2011


I was at a wedding ceremony today; the daughter of a co-worker got married.  A beautiful woman (the bride and the co-worker!). I met my work pals and we all sat in the back to watch the ceremony. Quite by chance, we got to sit behind a row of 10 year old girls - one cuter than the next. The bride is a teacher and she had invited her class to attend the church ceremony. I engaged some of the girls in conversation then, remembering my own children's warnings, sat back and zipped my lip. My kids tell me that I shouldn't speak to small children:

"You are a stalker of kids - quit it! It's creepy!".

However, these girls seemed more than happy to talk to me. Maybe in a group they felt safer talking to a creeper like me.

Anyway.... as always, I sat back and compared the whole thing to my own wedding. The flowers, the dresses, the choice of music, the number of attendants, the elaborateness of the hair- dos, in other words, the bride's attention to detail.

I was fairly relaxed about details of my own wedding. I remember driving to the church with my dad, looking down at my hands and thinking ... "hmm, maybe I should have painted my nails...."
I did however, spend a lot of time on the choice of flowers. That seemed more important to me at the time.

So, the major thing I always wait for at a wedding ceremony: the volume of the voices of the bride and groom when they recite their vows.
When Colonel Anderson turned to Bill to recite his vows, Bill spoke with such force and fury that the entire congregation broke into laughter.

I, William... (like he was the bloody King of England!). Peals of laughter. He had to wait for everyone to hush so he could continue.

Try following that! I waited for my turn and did my best at (1) being heard and (2) trying to appear demure (something of which I have never been accused). I think everyone could hear me - but, by then nobody cared. Bill had spoken for the both of us.

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