Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I don't like to shop (except at Marshall's and occasionally Stein Mart).  I think I've been pretty clear about that. But, I still need things ...even covet things (I know it's a sin). So, for me, online shopping is like a gift from God. I don't need to leave my house, can search for hours for the best deal (appeals to the Scot in me) and can accumulate points from various merchants. LOVE it! The biggest pain (for most people) is the hassle of returning things. But, that doesn't really impact me since we have this great little mail room at my office. Cynthia (the mail services center queen) let's me use her space to pack up my returns and figure out the cheapest way to ship things back. Headache solved.

This weekend I was searching for a Valentine's gift for Bill. I had recently returned an item to Amazon.com and had a $27.00 credit. I had also purchased a Groupon coupon for $10 which got me $20 at Amazon. (If you don't know about  Groupon you need to educate yourself. So, I had $47.00 burning a hole in my virtual pocket.  I started scrolling through the 'aisles' of Amazon. Naturally I began with the book section but was uninspired.  I looked at all the Man Booker prize winners since 1990 (I had given Bill  Kiran  Desai's Inheritance of Loss recently and he really loved it), so I thought it was a good place to start. But, after looking at the titles I wasn't moved. And, after all this was supposed to be a Valentine's day gift ... it should be romantic.

I let my mind wander. Finding a gift for Bill is always difficult. I can't buy him clothing and cars are too expensive. Other than that it's hard to get him excited about a gift. As my mind turned over different ideas, my mouse was clicking through the Home and Garden department, more specifically the Bedding and Bath area (I do love linens) and happened upon a mattress cover/warmer. The cover fits over your mattress, under your sheets and has hand held controls to set the temperature. This particular one had dual controls - one for each side of the bed. I got excited.

I usually crawl into bed earlier than Bill. So, by the time he comes to bed, my side of the bed is warm. Invariably he will hustle over to my side and lay his frigid body up against mine. In the summer, I don't mind the cooling off, but in the winter, my body stiffens and I usually end up giving him a good kick. Which wakes us both up - not a good start to the night. But, if I bought this mattress cover/warmer, I could simply turn the heat on his side of the bed when I crawl into my unheated side. PROBLEM solved.

When I saw the package at my door today, my heart skipped a beat. I love getting packages even when I know what they are. But, this one... this one was going to change everything. And it arrived on one of the coldest nights of the year.

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