Friday, February 25, 2011

Twelve Angry Men

I held my breath each morning this week as I checked to see if my number for jury duty had been called. It's the first time that I had received the notice since I became a citizen a few years ago. I was simultaneously angry and excited about the prospect of performing a civic duty. For, although I didn't have anything pressing this week, I worried that if I were chosen for a long trial, it would wreak havoc at work.  I had practiced a few inflammatory statements (just in case). However, I also think that when push came to shove, I would have actually TRIED to be chosen.  I don't like to lose... at anything. But, in the end, my number wasn't needed - so I didn't have to go to the court house. Worry for nothing.

Bill has never served on a jury... and I don't believe he ever will. Lawyers are not exempt from serving, but I think most lawyers wouldn't like an attorney on their jury -especially one as persuasive as Bill. He would definitely get bounced.

That's a whole dimension of the trial that the writers of Law and Order don't explore. Perhaps I should write Dick Wolf and suggest a new spin off: Law and Order -  Jury Selection. Bumb BUMB. It is a fascinating part of the trial. If I were picking a jury, I would insist that everyone be given a DISC profile or, at the very least, an IQ test. Not having had to go through the process,  I'm not exactly sure how far the voir dire goes, but I think most lawyers just ask a few cursory questions - they're anxious to move the thing along.

I have a not-so-secret addiction to Law and Order - which is very easy to do in the 716 area code. The show is on ALL THE TIME :  A&E, TNT, NBC, Oxygen, AMC, USA. Good Lord!  The addiction is easy to feed. Emma says that the difference between Toronto and Buffalo is that in Buffalo you can watch Law and Order 24/7; in Toronto it's Friends. That kind of sums it up, doesn't it?

Bill has accepted my addiction and, although he is not a fan of  the show or any of the spin offs (Criminal Intent, SVU, Law and Order UK, Los Angeles), he tells me he can see why I'm hooked.  But, I can tell he gets annoyed on Sundays when it's on for most of the afternoon. Perhaps he was hoping that a stint as a real juror might have cured me.

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