Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A man and his clone

Inscrutable Bill
 I invite you to look at these two photos. These are two people who constantly fight with each other and with the world at large. (Bill actually gets paid to "fight" with the world, Emma doesn't really have an excuse).  They love and hate each other fiercely -  and at the same time. You do not want to be their enemy (they can hold a grudge like noone I know) -  but, if you are their friend you will experience a loyalty like no other... unless you break the unwritten law. So far, I have not broken that law.

They are separated by 38 years, but they are the SAME FRICKIN' PERSON. I know that Emma shares only 50% of Bill's DNA - but sometimes I think that I was merely the vessel, the carrier, the means to an end - and that  Emma inherited everything from Bill.

Look at those stares, that uncompromising countenance, the stylish dress. Could these two people not be more closely aligned?

Impenetrable Emma
At this writing, these two people are having dinner together in Toronto. I am glad I am not there because I am usually relegated to the role of referee - unless Will is there. Will is a natural born peace-maker.

Emma was excited that her father was coming to see her because he had promised (a) to bring her 2 bottles of red wine and (b) to take her to a nice Italian restaurant on Wellington. Bill was excited to see Emma because he honestly enjoys her company - and he was going to be able to show her off to one of his favorite clients. In the parlance of Emma and Bill - a "Win/Win" situation.

They are both smart and savvy shoppers ... and as Bill says "savvy is 2/3 of our last name." They actually look forward to shopping on Boxing Day  in MALLS with all those PEOPLE.  And they both love to race around tracks in a controlled atmosphere. Emma races around a roller derby rink  (the attached photo is courtesy her Roller Derby team - the Gore Gore Roller Girls). And, Bill loves to drive his little red Ferrari at high speeds around a curvy track. Emma can even fit into Bill's racing suit. (Please don't suggest that Bill try on Emma's leopard skin team uniform. ) 

You would think that two people who are so similar would always be agreeable with each other. But, you would be wrong. Sure, in short bouts of time they work fine together. But, put them together for over a week and the sparks will fly. And, I love them both to distraction! How did I get so lucky to have BOTH of them in my life??

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