Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Rrrrrrrrolll up the rim

Hurray! Tim Horton's has started it's Rrroll up the Rim to WIN campaign. I already go to Tim Horton's a LOT. More so since the lovely ladies with whom I work bought me a Tim Horton's debit card with a LOAD of money on it.

When I pulled up to the speaker this morning and saw the familiar Rrroll up the Rim advertisement, I got really excited. And, when I reached for my large coffee with double cream I noticed that all the servers had white t-shirts proclaiming "Rrrroll up to win" has begun. I told them I was stoked. One of the guys (who wasn't even servicing the drive-through window) poked his head through the window and hit what looked like an "EASY" button from Staples because of my excitement. He then told me if I won something, he would hit it again. I believe I loved my coffee even MORE today. I didn't win, but I DON'T CARE. I'm playing again tomorrow. (PS - do you know that you get an App on your IPhone which can pinpoint the closest Tim Horton's to your current location!?)

My fellow blogger was lamenting the price increase at Tim Horton's, but I DON'T CARE - Horton's has to pay for those Toyota Matrix's and grills and millions of free cups of coffee somehow! And, they have to send those kids to camp!

I don't care about cars - but Bill will like
this picture of a De Tomaso Pantera
 Tim Horton's has a special place in my heart. It's headquarters is in my hometown of  Oakville, Ontario. Tim Horton, a Toronto Maple Leaf AND a Buffalo Sabre was a folk hero to many of us growing up. And, he died on the QEW, in a Pantera that Punch Imlach - a crazed hockey nut who coached both the Sabres and the Leafs- had given him; a route I've taken a billion times because it connects Toronto and Buffalo. And, Tim was driving from Toronto to Buffalo when he died. Gruesome, but true.

Bill hates donuts, can't drink coffee but understands my love of Tim Horton's.  Sometimes we walk to the closest Tim Horton's just because it's a good destination. While I inhale my large coffee with double cream he will sip a small black decaf.

For me, Tim Horton's is a small bit of Canada that has taken root in Buffalo - just as I have.


  1. Thanks for alerting me to the Timmy's app. It's been keeping me caffeinated in out of the way spots for the past week.

    We once had an associate who claimed that he oriented himself by the various McDonald's around town --à chacun son goût say I.

  2. Thank you Liz, I own Timmy Ho's stock! I asked for that instead of jewelry one year!


  3. Liz, even though Bill does not share your love for drinking java, I do remember his trips each morning to the firm's fridge and he would pop one of his frozen coffee beans into his mouth for his morning rush of caffeine.

  4. I always loved the look of a Pantera. As I recall, they have a Ford Cleveland behind the seats.