Saturday, February 19, 2011

Liz Lemon - can't let it go

For those of you who watch 30 Rock, you know that Liz Lemon, the character that Tina Fey plays, is a stubborn woman. Some people believe I share more than just this one characteristic with Liz Lemon. In fact, my son, Will told me that he has a hard time watching this show because the similarities are a bit too much for him - it 'creeps' him out.

Today, I really wanted to quell that stubborn streak. But, a very loud "AHA!!- I was RIGHT" was out of my mouth and into the empty air of my kitchen before I could stop myself. Luckily, Bill was at work. It took all my strength not to call him on the phone and tell him that I was, once again, correct. I was right, and he was wrong.
Remember that $700 dishwasher I ordered 3 weeks ago? It was finally delivered today. After the installers left, I opened up the manual to read the instructions. And, what did my eyes catch? A small item under the caption "Dishwasher Use" :

Remember, this is the SUPERBA KitchenAid. I think that someone who manufacturers a dishwasher and gives it such a lofty name, just might know a thing or two about the proper loading of dishware. So, rather than tell Bill about this published detail, I believe I will just let him read it here.


  1. I agree Liz, it is always better for them to find out that once again, we were right. It still feels good though doesn't it?

  2. Hello Liz,
    My name is Melissa Punti. I am currently in the process of writing a book about my experiences as Liz Lemon.
    I was hoping to use your Liz Lemon look-a-like picture in my book. I would like to have a 2-page Liz Lemon look-a-like dedication in my book.
    I came across your photo on the internet. Please email me and let me know what you think or if you have any questions.
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    Thank you,
    Melissa Punti