Thursday, February 10, 2011

I grill for you

Tonight my blog is going to be short. I'm beat.
But, my sweetheart is grilling me a rare steak ... outside. He is aware that I am almost incoherent. He already opened up a bottle of Rhone (my favo(u)rite) and poured me a glass. Ooops, he just gave me a refill.  He believes that the wine and bloody steak will invigorate me. He's probably right.

Bill has always grilled outside -  whatever the weather. He refuses to let it stop him.

Tonight he is braving the 5 degrees of coldness and flipping the steak. He has on Will's old Hydro coat (it used to be mine - my brother bought it for me when he worked at Mark's WorkWearhouse) - and his crappy shoes.

Take a look to the right and please take my poll. Do you brave the cold, too? Is he nuts? I never seem to smell grilling meats in my neighbo(u)rhood in the winter. But maybe that's because I'm not the one grilling.

I'll publish the results tomorrow.


PS - I have included the Canadian spelling since I'm very interested in what my Canadian friends do. Hence the reference to the Hydro coat (only they will understand) .


  1. I grill year round, no matter the temp. In fact there is a benefit to grilling in the cold, my beer does not get warm.

  2. Yvonne: We only BBQ (grill) in the summer months at the trailer. My next door neighbor however, BBQ's on his Charcoal grill EVERY Saturday rain or shine, no matter the temperature.

  3. We used to grill outside all the time - we made sure the smell didn't go uphill cuz we didn't want to share! Love the Hydro reference - Bill should have put on his rubbers to go outside!