Monday, February 21, 2011


I have so many pieces of Tupperware - or more accurately plastic-ware. Actually, I don't think I own any "Tupperware".  Every so often I'll go through my drawer of containers and "sort it". I'll make sure they all have lids and then nestle them - one inside the other. The order makes me feel better even though the order is short lived.  The Scot in me, however, has been known to hustle the orphaned containers into a plastic bag and hide them in the basement. Crazy - I know. But, I'm not going to get away with that hoarding, cheapskate behavior - not tonight. Emma is home and Emma doesn't put up with that nonsense.

So, into the recycle bin they go.

When I first met Bill, he had TONS of plastic ware. I had no idea why a single man would have so much. The first night I went to his house for dinner I had to go into the freezer for some ice. And when I opened the door, I saw neatly stacked plastic packages of pre-made dinners. I had assumed that his mother had made them for him. He laughed out loud when I asked him if it were true. NO! He had concocted individual dinners for himself. They were mostly riced based dishes so they would last a while longer in the freezer. He had a big childish scrawl on the outside so that he could identify the contents. He told me that he worked late so often that it was easier for him to devote a Sunday to making a bunch of meals. He would then divvy them up for use during the week. (PS: he didn't have me at 'hello' - he had me at "devote a Sunday to making a bunch of meals".

I have to go through the plastic ware on nights when he isn't home. He has a fit if I throw any out : "That's a great size for a just a few left over olives", or  "I use that one specifically for curried dishes - that's why it's got orange stains on the bottom",  or " that one seals really well". He's taken to keeping and reusing plastic ware that upscale restaurants use as doggy bags. We have a few that have lids AND compartments. He loves to take leftovers from dinner and transform them into luncheon extravaganzas for me. They make a big splash at work. And when I am enjoying his delectable lunches I actually feel a bit guilty about throwing out his favorite plastic. Until I get home and try to close the Tupperware drawer. 

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  1. Liz, after perusing your plastic purging paragraphs, I opened my cupboard and was pelted with problematic pieces of plastic.
    also a WNY'er